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Send a Letter to Congress! - Investigate AT&T

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AT&T promised working families good jobs after getting a huge tax break. Instead, the company broke its promises, laying off thousands and stonewalling our demands for a fair contract to keep jobs in our communities.

It’s time for Congress to launch an investigation to find out what happened to the billions of dollars of our money that they gave away to AT&T and other corporations that are cutting jobs.

Handwritten letters to Congress get us attention! We’re collecting letters about why it is important to investigate AT&T. We’ll deliver them in person all at once to have the biggest impact. Instructions are below

When you have completed your letter, return it to your mobilization coordinator or mail it to CWA at 501 3rd St. N.W., Washington, DC 20001 attn: Legislative Office.

After you write your letter, spread the word by sharing this link with your friends and family members:




Dear Representative [INSERT THEIR LAST NAME],

I am writing to you to ask you to support an investigation into what AT&T really did with its big tax cut and why the company is laying off workers instead of creating jobs.


Explain why this is important to you. Here are some points to choose from if you are having trouble getting started:

  • I have worked at AT&T for [NUMBER] years as a [INSERT JOB TITLE]. I am proud of the important work I do.

  • I am a member of the Communications Workers of America and we have been trying to negotiate a new contract. The company won’t commit to preserving and creating good jobs and they want us to spend more of our wages on health insurance. Didn’t Congress pass the corporate tax cuts so that companies like AT&T would create jobs and raise wages?

  • AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson promised to create 7,000 good jobs if the corporate tax cut bill passed. Instead, the company has cut over 10,000 jobs since the bill passed.

  • The tax cut bill was supposed to make it harder for companies to send work overseas. AT&T is cutting jobs even though there is still plenty of work to do. I want to know where those jobs are going. Is AT&T continuing to send them to non-union and overseas contractors?

  • My union, CWA, has tried to find out what the company is doing with the $3 billion it got last year from the tax cuts. We filed a complaint with the National Labor Relations Board when the company wouldn’t tell us. But the NLRB dismissed our complaint, so now we are asking Congress to find out what happened.

  • It’s important for Congress to pass bills that support working people like me instead of helping make super-rich CEOs even richer. The tax bill was supposed to raise wages and create jobs. I want to know why it isn’t working.


Please hold AT&T accountable to the promises it made to Congress and to America.