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AT&T Photo Collage

Even throughout a global pandemic, AT&T has continued to take in record profits. AT&T Mobility workers have worked hard through increasingly difficult conditions, making these profits possible. But instead of keeping good, family-supporting jobs in our communities, AT&T has increasingly moved to outsource jobs to non-union workplaces and cut union jobs.

Enough broken promises. It's time for AT&T to invest in its workforce and in the communities it serves. We need good, family-supporting jobs and we need next generation networks and high-quality service everywhere. We demand a fair Orange contract at AT&T!

Right now, 21,000 AT&T Mobility workers are fighting for a fair contract to guarantee their fair share. Sign the petition to stand with AT&T Mobility workers.


Anthony Baressi, Wireless Technician, CWA Local 1101
Melissa Smith-Kupea, Retail Worker, CWA Local 2336
Dea Polchow, Call Center Worker, CWA Local 4202
Rasean Clayton, Call Center Worker, CWA Local 7050
Carla Campos, Work-From-Home Representative, CWA Local 9413


Tell AT&T CEO John Stankey: "I support good jobs for workers at AT&T."