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AT&T's Tax Promises

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AT&T Got $20 Billion in Tax Cuts. Where Are Our Good Jobs?

Before the corporate tax cut bill passed last year, AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson made some big promises. But instead of following through on those promises, AT&T has laid off over 1,000 employees and is trying to raise workers' healthcare costs. CWAers are fighting back. ✏️Add your name to the petition demanding AT&T invest in workers, create good jobs, and negotiate a fair contract with Legacy T and Midwest workers:

Posted by Communications Workers of America on Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Before the Republican tax bill passed, AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson promised that every $1 billion in tax savings would create “7,000 good jobs for the middle class.” Well, the bill passed, but instead of creating good jobs the company announced thousands of layoffs and continues to shift work to low-wage overseas contractors.

Listen to CWA's radio ads spreading the word about AT&T's broken promises to working families.

A recent report from the Communications Workers of America found that AT&T has closed 44 call centers and eliminated 16,000 call center jobs in the last seven years. The report reveals the devastating impact of recent call center closures across the Midwest, an area that has been particularly hard hit by closures and layoffs.

Meanwhile, the company’s latest quarterly earnings report reveals $4.7 billion in profits and indicates that AT&T is spending more than ever on dividends and buybacks.

The Communications Workers of America has filed information requests to find out if AT&T's increased corporate profits from the tax bill are actually going to raise wages and create jobs or to increase executive pay and buy back stock.

AT&T Call Center Closings Since 2011