• Robert Mitchell, Retail Sales Consultant, Boston “We’re out in full force after voting to authorize a strike because it’s time AT&T put an end to its outsourcing and aggressive efforts to cut our basic benefits.”
  • Nicole Popis Call Center rep, Ran Toul, IL “I’ve watched our staff shrink from 200 employees down to 130. I voted yes to authorize a strike because I’m willing to do whatever it takes to show AT&T we’re serious.”
  • Mia Clements, Call Center rep, Harrisburg, PA "When the company outsources that's taking away from our families and that's money out of our pockets because they can pay someone else less to do the same job."
  • Melissa Morris, Call Center rep, Lebanon, VA "A lot of jobs are going overseas. In my area there are not a lot of places to work. I actually have to drive 55 minutes just to get to and from my job so it's very important to have job security for my kids."
  • Ghiajaira Paz, Retail Sales Support, Bronx, NY “I have customers who are on a first-name basis with me and my co-workers because they keep coming back for our service. While we work harder every day, the company continues to cut our pay, healthcare and sick time. We won’t settle for it.”


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  • AT&T Workers Issue Ultimatum: Fair Proposal by Friday or Strike

    MAY 17 – AT&T workers, members of the Communications Workers of America (CWA), have given company executives until Friday, May 19 at 3PM ET to present serious proposals that invest in good jobs with a future. If AT&T... Read More →
  • REPORT: AT&T’s offshoring of customer service hurts workers and consumers

    May 4, 2017 -- A new report released today provides an unprecedented window into AT&T’s sprawling web of 38 third-party call centers in eight countries that are driving a race to... Read More →
  • Wireless Workers Fire Warning Shot, Give 72-Hour Notice to Terminate Contract

    DALLAS—As AT&T investors and executives convened for the annual shareholders meeting in Dallas April 28, AT&T wireless workers announced they have issued the 72-hour notice to end their contract extension—making a strike more likely than... Read More →

AT&T Mobility workers are in the news

Hear From At&T Workers

Hear From At&T Workers

Unity at AT&T Mobility
Unity at AT&T Mobility2 hours ago
BUILDING POWER IN THE WIRELESS INDUSTRY✊ A group of AT&T Mobility workers met in Charlotte, NC this weekend for our first ever AT&T Mobility Organizing Brigade training. They will be on the front lines helping to build power and organize non-union wireless workers.
Unity at AT&T Mobility
Unity at AT&T Mobility4 hours ago
Check out this article in the Fairfax County Times about our fight featuring our very own Jeff Schmidt - a retail worker from VA!
Unity at AT&T Mobility
Unity at AT&T Mobility2 days ago
AT&T's unethical use of authorized retailers was exposed in front of members of Congress yet again. Congressman Norcross highlights AT&T during a hearing about a new bill that would erode workers' rights by letting big corporations off the hook for violations committed by their franchisees or contractors, even when the corporation controls many aspects of employment. It would undo progress made in the last couple of years to hold companies accountable under "joint employer" standards. CWA, and electeds like Norcross, are working hard to call out companies like AT&T who want to lower standards for workers and consumers.
Unity at AT&T Mobility
Unity at AT&T Mobility
Unity at AT&T Mobility3 days ago
We are pleased to announce the recipients of the fifteen scholarships to the 2017 CWA Wireless Conference. We received over 150 scholarship applications this year. As you can imagine, it was a very difficult decision.

The scholarship recipients are:

• Scott Barnhart, Local 1101
• Matthew Arnts, Local 1400
• Eli Martin, Local 2009
• Shanel Bryant, Local 2336
• Brandi Michelli, Local 3403
• Jennifer Lewis, Local 3513
• Daniel Bennett, Local 4603
• Lindsey Wilkerson, Local 4900
• Robin Johnson, Local 6215
• Belinda Aguilar, Local 6222
• Lloyd Colvin, Local 6327
• Lateefa Moore, Local 7050
• Terry Zittlau, Local 7704
• Joseph Martinez, Local 9410
• Elizabeth Sanchez, Local 9511

Congratulations to all!
Unity at AT&T Mobility
Unity at AT&T Mobility3 days ago
CWA Local 7200 members educating customers about third-party dealers! Nice job!
Unity at AT&T Mobility
Unity at AT&T Mobility shared Communications Workers of America's post.3 days ago
CWA Local 2009 members are mobilizing to make #CWAStrong! They were featured in this week's CWA newsletter. Great job!