• Robert Mitchell, Retail Sales Consultant, Boston “We’re out in full force after voting to authorize a strike because it’s time AT&T put an end to its outsourcing and aggressive efforts to cut our basic benefits.”
  • Nicole Popis Call Center rep, Ran Toul, IL “I’ve watched our staff shrink from 200 employees down to 130. I voted yes to authorize a strike because I’m willing to do whatever it takes to show AT&T we’re serious.”
  • Mia Clements, Call Center rep, Harrisburg, PA "When the company outsources that's taking away from our families and that's money out of our pockets because they can pay someone else less to do the same job."
  • Melissa Morris, Call Center rep, Lebanon, VA "A lot of jobs are going overseas. In my area there are not a lot of places to work. I actually have to drive 55 minutes just to get to and from my job so it's very important to have job security for my kids."
  • Ghiajaira Paz, Retail Sales Support, Bronx, NY “I have customers who are on a first-name basis with me and my co-workers because they keep coming back for our service. While we work harder every day, the company continues to cut our pay, healthcare and sick time. We won’t settle for it.”


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  • Workers Protest at iPhone Launch

    September, 14 - AT&T Mobility workers protested outside the iPhone launch at Apple HQ on Tuesday. Marking the start of a critical sales period that's expected to bring in billions for AT&T, workers called out the company’s... Read More →

    NATIONWIDE— AT&T workers who are members of Communications Workers of America (CWA) walked off the... Read More →
  • AT&T Workers Issue Ultimatum: Fair Proposal by Friday or Strike

    MAY 17 – AT&T workers, members of the Communications Workers of America (CWA), have given company executives until Friday, May 19 at 3PM ET to present serious proposals that invest in good jobs with a future. If AT&T... Read More →
  • REPORT: AT&T’s offshoring of customer service hurts workers and consumers

    May 4, 2017 -- A new report released today provides an unprecedented window into AT&T’s sprawling web of 38 third-party call centers in eight countries that are driving a race to... Read More →

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Hear From At&T Workers

Hear From At&T Workers

Unity at AT&T Mobility
Unity at AT&T Mobility shared CWA Customer Service Action Network's video.14 hours ago
Karen, a Verizon Worker from New York, visits an AT&T Store to deliver a petition signed by over 150 CWAers at her Local demanding CEO Stephenson stop outsourcing good, union jobs and settle a fair contract. Thank you Karen! When telecom workers stand together, we are stronger!
Unity at AT&T Mobility
CWA Customer Service Action Network
5 days until Thanksgiving! Today, we're thankful for members standing in solidarity with one other. Check out this video of Karen LeeMou visiting an AT&T Store in NY and standing with Stephanie, an AT&T Mobility worker, to deliver the petition signed by over 150 people in her local, CWA LOCAL 1105. #cwa #solidarity #customerserivice #thankfulfor
Unity at AT&T Mobility
Unity at AT&T Mobility3 days ago
We have an urgent request. Over the past few days, CWA and AT&T have been involved in intensive negotiations. Please do your part to help secure a fair contract. Email AT&T right now, and demand the company bargain a fair contract.
Unity at AT&T Mobility
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Dear AT&T, #FYFO
- CWA Local 13500 members at the Harrisburg, PA call center
Unity at AT&T Mobility
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Unity at AT&T Mobility
Unity at AT&T Mobility1 week ago
Today's bargaining report!
Unity at AT&T Mobility
Unity at AT&T Mobility1 week ago
TAKE ACTION NOW: Did you send your letter to AT&T? After you send, share with your coworkers: http://bit.ly/2lYXaiT