• Robert Mitchell, Retail Sales Consultant, Boston “We’re out in full force after voting to authorize a strike because it’s time AT&T put an end to its outsourcing and aggressive efforts to cut our basic benefits.”
  • Nicole Popis Call Center rep, Ran Toul, IL “I’ve watched our staff shrink from 200 employees down to 130. I voted yes to authorize a strike because I’m willing to do whatever it takes to show AT&T we’re serious.”
  • Mia Clements, Call Center rep, Harrisburg, PA "When the company outsources that's taking away from our families and that's money out of our pockets because they can pay someone else less to do the same job."
  • Melissa Morris, Call Center rep, Lebanon, VA "A lot of jobs are going overseas. In my area there are not a lot of places to work. I actually have to drive 55 minutes just to get to and from my job so it's very important to have job security for my kids."
  • Ghiajaira Paz, Retail Sales Support, Bronx, NY “I have customers who are on a first-name basis with me and my co-workers because they keep coming back for our service. While we work harder every day, the company continues to cut our pay, healthcare and sick time. We won’t settle for it.”


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AT&T Mobility workers are in the news

Hear From At&T Workers

Hear From At&T Workers

Unity at AT&T Mobility
Unity at AT&T Mobility18 hours ago
The town hall call is starting! If you didn't get a call to connect or get disconnected, just dial 855-269-4485.
Check back here tomorrow for a recording if you miss it.
Unity at AT&T Mobility
Unity at AT&T Mobility22 hours ago
We refused to back down! This tentative agreement affirms the power of workers everywhere to join together and establish a new standard for retail and telecom jobs.
Unity at AT&T Mobility
Unity at AT&T Mobility shared their post.23 hours ago
Reminder! Please share with your coworkers to make sure they are on the call.
Unity at AT&T Mobility
Unity at AT&T Mobility2 days ago
Join us for a town hall call today (Thursday, December 14) to learn more about the tentative agreement! Text the word MobilityCall to 69866 to RSVP!
Unity at AT&T Mobility
Unity at AT&T Mobility2 days ago
After almost a year of hard bargaining and unprecedented mobilization, we have reached a groundbreaking tentative agreement for 21,000 CWA members under the Orange contract at AT&T Mobility.

Never before have we seen this level of mobilization for a fair contract, and never before have we won so much at the bargaining table. For the first time at any wireless company in the country, workers have won guaranteed customer service work at U.S. call centers, representing an 80% increase in the share of total call volume over the current levels. We also won first-time job security protections, more stable pay and reduced intrusive surveillance at work.

Congrats everyone!
Unity at AT&T Mobility
Unity at AT&T Mobility1 week ago
Tomorrow, AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson has invited employees to join him for a special webcast to discuss the Republican plan to cut taxes on corporations.

AT&T employees have been invited to submit questions for the webcast on the tax plan. It's a great opportunity to ask if AT&T will put their promise to raise your wages in writing.

Here's the link AT&T provided to submit your question: http://netops.att.com/surveys/TakeSurvey.asp?SurveyID=6218p4K1mp2412. You will need to be on the AT&T intranet or your COU device to reach the web page to submit a question.