• Robert Mitchell, Retail Sales Consultant, Boston “We’re out in full force after voting to authorize a strike because it’s time AT&T put an end to its outsourcing and aggressive efforts to cut our basic benefits.”
  • Nicole Popis Call Center rep, Ran Toul, IL “I’ve watched our staff shrink from 200 employees down to 130. I voted yes to authorize a strike because I’m willing to do whatever it takes to show AT&T we’re serious.”
  • Mia Clements, Call Center rep, Harrisburg, PA "When the company outsources that's taking away from our families and that's money out of our pockets because they can pay someone else less to do the same job."
  • Melissa Morris, Call Center rep, Lebanon, VA "A lot of jobs are going overseas. In my area there are not a lot of places to work. I actually have to drive 55 minutes just to get to and from my job so it's very important to have job security for my kids."
  • Ghiajaira Paz, Retail Sales Support, Bronx, NY “I have customers who are on a first-name basis with me and my co-workers because they keep coming back for our service. While we work harder every day, the company continues to cut our pay, healthcare and sick time. We won’t settle for it.”


Latest Updates

  • Groundbreaking Contract at AT&T Mobility

    December 14, 2017 - After 11 months of mobilization, tough bargaining and a three-day strike, CWA's Mobility bargaining team reached a groundbreaking tentative agreement with AT&T Mobility (Orange contract) that sets new... Read More →
  • Workers Protest at iPhone Launch

    September, 14 - AT&T Mobility workers protested outside the iPhone launch at Apple HQ on Tuesday. Marking the start of a critical sales period that's expected to bring in billions for AT&T, workers called out the company’s... Read More →

    NATIONWIDE— AT&T workers who are members of Communications Workers of America (CWA) walked off the... Read More →
  • AT&T Workers Issue Ultimatum: Fair Proposal by Friday or Strike

    MAY 17 – AT&T workers, members of the Communications Workers of America (CWA), have given company executives until Friday, May 19 at 3PM ET to present serious proposals that invest in good jobs with a future. If AT&T... Read More →

AT&T Mobility workers are in the news

Hear From At&T Workers

Hear From At&T Workers

Unity at AT&T Mobility
Unity at AT&T Mobility shared Communications Workers of America's post.1 week ago
It's Throwback Thursday! In the spirit of International Women's Day we're throwing it back to 1955 when Telephone workers showed up on the picket lines in full force in Los Angeles!
Unity at AT&T Mobility
Unity at AT&T Mobility shared Communications Workers of America Local 2222's photo.2 weeks ago
We stand in solidarity with 1,400 CWAers on strike at Frontier in Virginia and West Virginia! ✊
Join them on their picket line if you're in the area!
Unity at AT&T Mobility
Unity at AT&T Mobility4 weeks ago
12,000 AT&T Mobility workers in the southeast just reached a tentative agreement that includes increased wages, more job security and rollbacks of offshoring and outsourcing!
Unity at AT&T Mobility
Unity at AT&T Mobility1 month ago
Shout out to the AT&T Mobility members from across the country who participated in CWA's peer-to-peer texting outreach program this week in DC with the goal of speaking to non-union wireless workers about standing together to improve working conditions. Mobility members are working hard to help fellow wireless workers join together in a union! Way to go, guys! ✊
Unity at AT&T Mobility
Unity at AT&T Mobility shared CWA Customer Service Action Network's video.1 month ago
Today, the contract covering CWAers at AT&T Mobility in the southeast was set to expire. We won't back down until we get a fair contract! ✊
Unity at AT&T Mobility
CWA Customer Service Action Network
Last month locals across the country took action to support District 3 AT&T Mobility Southeast bargaining efforts and to stand in solidarity with over 1,000 AT&T workers being laid off. Today, over 100 local unions are coming out again to mark the expiration of the AT&T Mobility Southeast contract. Share this video to let AT&T know that we demand good jobs and WE WON'T BACK DOWN. #takeaction #wewontbackdown
Unity at AT&T Mobility
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CWA Local 3905 participating in Tuesday's Sick Day Mobilization!