AT&T Wireless Workers Speak Out in Unprecedented Numbers against Offshoring, Outsourcing and Efforts to Cut Pay & Benefits

Hundreds of AT&T Mobility workers rallied outside stores and call centers on February 10 and 11th, showing their commitment to win a fair contract across 36 states and DC. See news coverage here: San Francisco, Virginia and Chicago to Minnesota and West Virginia.

AT&T workers also announced a contract extension that can be terminated with 72 hours’ notice. They will continue bargaining with the expectation that AT&T executives will come to the table with good faith proposals that protect family-supporting American jobs and invest in the country where customers have made the company a $250 billion telecom giant.

U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown (D-OH) announced his support of AT&T workers, saying:

“Our communications workers keep Ohioans connected with their families, neighbors, and the rest of the world. I urge AT&T and the Communications Workers of America to reach an agreement that will keep jobs in the U.S. and ensure customers continue to receive the same standards of service.”

Bargaining began on January 25 for the contract covering wireless workers in 36 states. AT&T’s latest proposals show the company is not serious about maintaining good jobs and high quality customer service, including trying to cut sick time and force long-time workers to pay hundreds of dollars more for basic healthcare.

Pressure is mounting on AT&T to settle fair contracts with its workers across its business divisions. In California and Nevada, 17,000 AT&T workers who make sure phone, landline and cable services are running have been working without a contract for almost one year. Late last year, these workers voted to authorize a strike with 95.6 percent support. A third contract covering 21,000 workers in Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Kansas and Arkansas is set to expire in April 2017.

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